Teaching activities

  • Latest version of my lectures:
    • Planetary Systems (master 1-2, KU Leuven webpage):
      • The plurality of worlds (pdf)
      • The dynamics of planetary systems (part 1, pdf)
      • The dynamics of planetary systems (part 2, pdf)
      • Extrasolar planets (part 1): RV, astrometry, timing, and microlensing (pdf)
      • Extrasolar planets (part 2): the transit technique (pdf)
      • Extrasolar planets (part 3): exoplanet imaging (pdf)
      • Origin of the solar system and planet formation (pdf)
      • Detection of life in planetary systems (pdf)
    • Observational Techniques in Astronomy (master 1-2, KU Leuven webpage)
    • Telescopes and Telescope Optics: pdf
    • Space Interferometry: pdf
  • Bachelor projects (see KU Leuven webpage: link )
  • Invited lecture at KU Leuven: "Extrasolar planet detection techniques" ( link ).
  • Invited Lecturer at Caltech's Sagan Exoplanet Summer Workshop: "Imaging Planets and Disks". (click here to watch the lecture)